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Membership Benefits

The Missouri Propane Gas Association proudly offers several benefits to its members:


We represent Missouri propane companies before the legislative bodies in Jefferson City and Washington, D.C. The Association offers expert advice and testimony on bills before Congress and the Missouri General Assembly, state and federal regulators, city or county governments, and other governmental bodies.


Members have access to Association staff members who can help with technical questions, intervene with government officials, or offer resolution with customers.


College-age dependents of MPGA members can apply each year for one of nine $2000 scholarships available exclusively for Missouri students through the National Propane Gas Foundation. Learn more.


The Association owns a for-profit subsidiary, MLPGA Inc., which provides services such as decals and meter tickets, advertising and management services, and other benefits specifically for Missouri companies. MLPGA Inc., partners with other industry entities to leverage member investments in ventures designed to create financial stability through non-dues income. BlueFlame Management, BlueFlame Communications, Propane ProSource, and MPGA GasPro insurance services are examples of these ventures.


Click here to download our Membership Brochure

Contact us to learn more about MPGA membership benefits.